ATS 2000 Rigga M Mining Series Battery Bay Pneumatic Hoist


ATS Mining Series Battery Bay Pneumatic Hoist & Crawl

Standard Features:

  • Lubrication free rotary vane motor – rust free & replaceable Stainless steel cylinder
  • 100% duty cycle
  • Ideal for working in hazardous areas (explosive environments)
  • Temperature rated -20°C to 70°C
  • Insensitive to dust and humidity
  • High grade carbon steel swivel hooks with safety catches
  • Galvanized Grade 80 Load chain made to EN818 standard – 5:1 design factor of safety
  • Automatic self-adjusting multi disc brake 125% WLL
  • Tried and tested slip clutch design load limiting device set 130% WLL
  • Spark resistant (Atex Zone 2)
  • Compact design and lowest head room in class
  • Anti-climb and Anti-drop devices standard
  • Pilot Pendant control with Emergency shut-off valve
  • Compliant with ASME B30-11 and B30-16


  • Spark resistant (Atex zone 1)
  • Pilot pendant, Pull toggle control pendant or Direct pendant

Technical Data

Lifting capacity Ton 4.2
Number of chain strands 1
Motor power output kW 1.3 kW 1.3 1.3
Weight with E-control/standard lift kg 51
Weight of 1 m of chain kg 3.8
Chain dimension mm 13 X 36
Air pressure bar 4
Air consumption at full load m3/min 1.75
Air hose connection BSP 1″
Air hose dimension mm 19/ 3/4″
Lifting speed at full load m/min 3
Lowering speed with full load m/min 4.5
Standard lift m 3

Crawl Specifications

Type TM EP 4.2T UB
Carrying capacity Crawl Ton 4.2
Direct Pendent Kg
Air Pressure bar 4
Air Consumption at Full Load m/min 1.2
Travel Speed at Full Load m/min 5
Dimention in mm Overall
A. Minimum Headroom 550
B. Beam Max Width
C. Beam Min Width



1 Centre Piece Chain Guide and Sprocket
2 One piece loads heave and chain guide Extremely strong and durable
3 Over size sprocket bearings Class leader, higher load carrying ability with less
stress .
4 Shock absorbent poly urethane resilient pad. mounted on chain ends Elim inates chain jamming due to over winding in both
directions .
5 Eye hook plate or 445mm overall head
Replaces top hook and chain for the sm allest head height intrusion ideal for underground shops and battery bays
6 One motor and load brake assembly from 2 ton to 10 ton with standard flange mounted controls . The rationalisation of one motor and load brake
assembly with flange mounted controls for easy maintenance
7 Now bias high performanc e and speed with 50:50 cylinder and only 5 vanes .. Extremely hard wearing rust free stainless steel cylinder with 5 valves for high motor speed results in outstanding performance with equal load pulling and speed in both directions .
8 Full power at only 4 bar pressure Hoists will lift full load comfortably at 4 bar pres sure on
both strands make for faster hoist moves at least 50%
quicker than opposition
9 Extra heavy duty load brake with friction lined
break disc .
Extra heavy duty brake holds full load firmly and will not
sieze with continuous use, and also stops accurately (not metal to metal taper type)
10 High motor input speed with three stage reduction gearing Produce higher torque and in turn higher chain speed in both high and low air pressure all gears run on needle bearing for compactnes and low friction. Fully
supported keyed ring gears . No flimsy bell gears.
11 Fully detachable air controls fit on standard motor flange Any one of our three motor controls i.e. pilot direct or toggle can be interchanged on any air hoist without changing motor housing from 2 ton to 10 ton
12 Extra heavy duty hook . Special designed hook necks reduce fatigue
13 Extra heavy duty hook latches Double braced for extra strength and durability
14 Extra heavy duty through bolts with nuts Simple 3 securing bolts design for easy maintenance and extreme strength
ATS 2000