ATS Tugger Capstan Pneumatic Winch Range

ATS 2000 Capstan Winch Range Image

Tugger Capstan Winch

TECHNICAL DATA @ 630kPa (90psi)

Rated Capacity (Metric Ton) 1 2.2
Pulling Speed @ Rated Load (m/min) 21 10
Pulling Speed @ 50% of Rated Load (m/min) 28 13
Working Air Pressure (Bar) 4-7 4-7
Air Consumption (cfm) 95 95
Overall Height (mm) 415 415
Inlet (BSP) 1″ 3/4″ 3/4″
Recomended Rope Size (mm) 10 10
Weight (Kg) 37 49.5
*Note: Load Limiting Devices are fitted to all units

The ATS Tugger Capstan Pneumatic Winch Range are designed specifically for mining, industrial, marine and general engineering applications. TUGGER Series Capstan Pneumatic Winch Ranges have a capacity 1 and 2.2 Tons and have a factor of safety of 6 at the rated load.

Features and Characteristics

Variable Speed Control

Lever control, pilot pendent and direct pendent control offer variable speed control.

Integral Silencer

The exhaust air silencer is built into the winch housing and limits the noise level to 76 dB( A).

Lightweight Frame

Compact high strength frame and housing ensures portability. The construction ensures easy mounting.

Vane Motor

Air ported, spring assisted vane lifting ensures maximum torque when starting under load.

Sealed Gearbox

The sealed planetary gearbox ensures that the most stringent duty cycles can be met. The gears are heat treated and
mounted on high strength low friction bearings.


Options include lever control, pilot pendent or direct pendent control.

ATS 2000 Capstan Winch 2.2 Ton Drawin ATS 2000 Capstan Winch 1 Ton Drawin
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