About ATS 2000

ATS 2000 was established with a view to repair, maintain, manufacture and supply spares for all makes of pneumatic tools. Due to the success of this operation, in 1976 we ventured to develop the first fully South African designed and manufactured pneumatic grinder, known as the 550 Range. These products and services were directed at the foundry, heavy and structural engineering sectors and proved to be highly successful.

In 1980 Air Tool Services developed the first locally produced “Air Powered Chain Saw”, which was sold directly and indirectly to the mining industry. In the following years it was decided to develop a full range of pneumatic tools and equipment, starting with the Turbo G4 3kw 9” Grinder. This was followed by the designing of the new ATS pneumatic Chain Saw and Vortex Sump Pump. Our pneumatic chain saw won the coveted SABS (South African Bureau of Standards). Download our company profile here.

ATS 2000 win the design award in the year 2000.

In 1996 we acquired Air Hoists. Subsequently we have continually developed the range of hoists from 0.25 to 50 tons.

In 2008 we developed the Rigga Air Wire Rope Winches, covering a range from 500kg to 3 tons. In 2007 we developed a 1” Double Diaphragm Pump.

In 2009, the Rigga pneumatic overhead hoist and powered crawl system for workshops and underground battery bays was introduced.

In 2007 ATS 2000 was accredited with the ISO 9001-2008 Quality Assurance Accreditation.

In 2010 we redeveloped the Vortex Sump Pump and in doing so, it is able to pump higher and produce more flow never seen before. It also conforms to the latest health and safety requirements for noise emissions. We have developed, integrated low noise silencers on our entire product ranges for the mining and industrial industries.

In 2012, we launched our latest product a Rapid Rail Cutting & Drilling Machine. It has been positively received by the mining industry, for its time saving and high precision cutting and drilling.

We have currently introduced a specifically designed load limiting device, used on all our pneumatic hoists and winches. This load limiter can be retro fitted to all hoists currently in service, thus conforming to the highest international safety specifications. These products are currently supplied via contracts to the mining and industrial industries, both locally and abroad. Furthermore, these products are continually in the process of being refined and tested, to enhance the benefits suited to our clients’ needs and situations.

Vision – Making a Difference…

Our vision is to be the supplier of choice to customers of heavy duty pneumatic equipment in all sectors of industry.

BEE Status

ATS 2000 is proud of the fact that we are 25.1% Black owned and fully BEE compliant and that our company now employs over 150 staff in 5 provinces.


At ATS 2000 we design new products for our customer’s needs with our on-going improvements and updates for ever changing requirements i.e. noise and weight reduction to the latest specifications, load limiting devices and ergonomics.

In addition we import a full range of pneumatic tools, consisting of impact wrenches, grinders, drills, etc, for the local South African market. These tools are sold under the ATS Blueline Range banner.

At ATS 2000 we pride ourselves in having our own in-house design and manufacturing facilities. We are currently exporting our Vortex Sump Pump and Turbo G4 9” Grinder, ATS THM Air Hoists and Chainsaws to the North & South America and Australia and are in the process working on a number of promising European and Asian Exports markets.

Client Overview

Over the last 10 years our growth and expansion has been phenomenal, having grown from 20 employees to currently over 130. At ATS 2000, we pride ourselves maintaining the highest standard of manufacturing and maintenance of all existing and new products at our facilities in JHB, Rustenburg and Burgersfort, South Africa. We supply our own range of pneumatic tools to Anglo Platinum, Anglo Gold Ashanti, Impala Platinum, Marula Platinum, Goldfields, Harmony, Dorbyl, Lonmin Plats, Barplats, Grinaker LTA, Murray & Roberts, Shaft Sinkers, Samancor, Xstrata, Eastern Chrome, Orica and many other major players in the mining, structural and engineering industries.

ATS 2000